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Ham Radio is the only fail safe communication system in the world!

Ik ben Nederlandstalig... Je suis Francophone...
Radiosondes KMI-IRM
Submitted by: ON7YD
We received following question, from KMI-IRM:

"As most of you know, the Royal Meteorlogical Institute of Belgium (KMI-IRM) is launching 3 times a week radiosondes coupled to ozonesondes from its site at Uccle. With these measurements, we monitor the ozone layer above Belgium and the meteorological data are used to constrain the numerical weather models that provide a weather forecast. Other than the radiosondes, the ozonesondes can be re-used several times, if they pass our quality check and calibration tests. That's why are really keen on having the ozonesondes (instruments in isolating box) been returned to us; you can keep the radiosondes if you want. On top of the box cover, there is a little note with instructions for the procedure. Of course, the costs for returning are refunded by the RMI, and we also grant you an extra reward. Unfortunately, these last months, very few ozonesondes are sent back to us, although we got noticed that they have been found. As we rely on a certain amount of returned ozonesonde to keep our measurement time series up and running, we would therefore ask you to return our ozonesondes you found on a regular basis, instead of building up a stock before sending them back to us (as some of your colleagues use(d) to do). We are very grateful to you and your contribution to our ozone and weather research and we are also considering to develop interactive communication channels with you (e.g. Google form on a subpage of our website) to ease our collaboration in this respect. If you have any ideas or feedback on this, I would be also happy to hear about it!"
Working from home changes the use of communications
Submitted by: ON3FDS
Tower with GSM AntennasSince the outbreak of COVID-19, more people are working from home, and a change seems to be happening in the way we make use of remote communication.
More of our meetings and interactions are estabished via the internet and by using computer screens, a.o. through user-friendly applications such as Google Meet.

UBA DX Contest 2021
Submitted by: ON7SS
John ON4UN is now Silent Key
Submitted by: ON7TK
ON4UN - Silent KeyIt is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the death of John ON4UN.

Belgian fibre optic network
Submitted by: ON3FDS
On the left CTO Geert Standaert, on the right the mayor of Ostend...Belgian telecom operator Proximus is accelerating the construction of its fibre optic network. COVID-19 has boosted working from home, for which the fibre optic network's ultra-fast digital access is ideally suited. Even after the corona crisis, working from home will continue.

Thales Belgium SA (Tubize site) is looking for a Engineer HF/RF
Submitted by: ON7YD

Thales Belgium SA (Tubize site) is looking for a Engineer HF/RF

Thales Belgium Hardware Products Department – Competence center – is responsible for R&D activities related to radios HF band (1.5 to 30 MHz) equipment that contribute to the Thales Group portfolio. As such, this Department leads the work for architecture, research and development, integration, validation, qualification and industrialization of Thales HF tactical products.

Radio amateurs and cannabis growers
Submitted by: ON3FDS
Wiet plantsIt seems like a strange combination as both have no connection to each other.
But the one unwittingly and unconsciously allows the other to be discovered.
Our Dutch radio amateur colleagues from VERON know more about it.

World Telecommunication & Information Society Day- May 17th, 2020
Submitted by: ON3FDS
Logo ITUEvery year on 17th May, ITU commemorates the establishment of the International Telegraph Convention, or Convention Télégraphique Internationale, in 1865 in Paris, now 155 years ago. A big step forward for humanity.

Test Aankoop (Test Purchase) and the truth about electromagnetic radio waves
Submitted by: ON3FDS
Mobile Phone TowerIn the April/May issue 156 of Test Gezondheid (Test Health), the consumer organisation reacts to the misinformation about 5G and radio waves. Fake news saying that 5G is related to the coronavirus COVID-19 is circulating in antisocial messages.
In a four page article, Test Aankoop explains in a readily comprehensible form what electromagnetic radio waves are..