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Rules of the BMA Contest

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1. Name and purpose

BMA (Belgian Mill Award) contest.

To promote the Belgian windmill, watermill and rod mill heritage.

2. Date and duration

18/09/2022 from 08.00 untill 12.00 local time (from 06:00 untill 10:00 UTC)

3. Contest call

CQ BMA contest

4. Categories

HF 80m band SSB
  • A HF : taking part on HF from a non-mill reference
  • B HF : taking part on HF from a valid mill reference
  • C HF : Foreign participant
  • D HF : SWL
VHF 2 m band SSB +FM
  • A VHF : taking part on VHF from a non-mill reference
  • B VHF : taking part on VHF from a valid mill reference
  • C VHF : foreign participant
  • D VHF : SWL
Only point to point connections over the air are valid.

5.  Report

Stations with a mill reference.: RST + QSO serial number starting with 001 + mill reference + province.
Stations without mill reference: RST + QSO serial number starting with 001 + province.
Only Belgian mill references are valid.
The province and mill reference are an integral part of the report and must be mentioned in the log.
All Belgian provinces: AN, BW, HT, LB, LG, NM, LU, OV, VB and WV.
The Brussels Capital Region: BR.

6. Points

Stations with a mill reference.
A QSO with a station with a mill reference 10 points
A QSO with another station 3 points

Stations without mill reference.
A QSO with a station with a mill reference 10 points

Only QSO's of which at least one station has a Belgian mill reference are valid, every call is only 1 time in the log e.g. on6xx worked then on6xx/p on6xx/m on6xx/a is a double.

7. SWL's

A station may only appear once per band as station heard. In the column "Station Worked" the same station may not be logged more than 10 times per band.

8. Participating from a mill reference

Participating stations are located on or within sight max 250m away from the mill with Belgian reference number. It is a portable setup, set up especially for that contest. There must be free access for the inspection team.
In order to qualify as a valid mill reference, at least 25 QSO must have been made and one must be registered at least 24 hours before the start of the contest via the online registration form on the website https://on7qr.be/ where the references can also be found

9. Participation and power

All radio amateurs from home and abroad with the necessary license for the above categories can participate. Power according to the license of the participant, with a maximum of 100W.

10. Multipliers

All Belgian provinces (x1)
All valid registered Belgian mill references (x1)
Total multipliers = the sum of the different Belgian provinces plus the number of different mills with Belgian reference .

11. Final score

(Total valid QSO points) x multipliers.

12. Bandplanning

Each contestant has to obey the IARU bandplanning. 80m SSB : from 3600 to 3650 MHz and from 3700 to 3775 MHz.
On VHF 2m we will operate in SSB and/or FM segment.

13. Logs

Each category has its own log. Only logs in CABRILLO format are accepted. Make sure you send in the correct Cabrillo format. Also make sure all necessary information is mentioned in the header. (call, category, name and address participant, UBA section, possible mill reference, used equipment and antenna)
The log should be sent as a normal attachment.
Logs with missing or incorrect information in the header will not be considered for the classification and will be used as check log.
Participants with a windmill reference should send a picture of the set-up (taken with GSM for positioning control)
Remark: each amateur can send in only one log per contest part (either as ONL, with ON-call or with his 2nd callsign).

14. Deadline

All logs must be sent via E-mail within 14 days after the contest to bma [dot] contest [at] on7qr [dot] be (BMA{dot}contest{at}on7qr{dot}be )(deadline 03/10/2022. 2359 UTC) if no confirmation after 4 days send again to ON7QR{at}tvvlaanderen{dot}net
Logs sent in too late will not be considered for the classification and will be used as a checklog. Once a log is accepted, no more changes or replacements will be accepted.

15. Penalty points and disqualification

QSO's that do not appear in the log of the other station count for zero points, but no extra penalty points will be deducted.
Cheating, imaginary logging, self spotting, violation of the contest rules, violation of the IAURU band plan and the contest preferred frequencies can result in disqualification. If the same person sends more than one log, both logs will be disqualified.
Missing one or more of the data mentioned in point 13 will lead to disqualification.

16. Logsoftware

For this contest N1MM is recommended.

17. Trophies

There will be one award per category for the winner..

18. By submitting your log you fully agree to

You have read and understood the regulations and agree to abide by them.
You will operate your station according to the radio regulations valid in your country and according to your licence.

All actions and decisions of the Contest Committee are official and final.


Good luck
KTK-BMA team.