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Oude "DX News"-berichten

70 MHz open in OM
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ
Since May 1st, 2009 we have an access to 70 MHz band:
  • Segment 70,250 - 70,350 MHz
  • Max. 10 W ERP
  • Extra class only
  • Each station must apply for a special permission for 70 MHz 
I hope there will be a good activity from Slovakia on 4m. 
Roman Kudlac, OM3EI 
President of SARA
IARU Region 1 50 MHz Contest
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ
Dear OM's,
On behalf of the IARU Region 1 we would like to invite you and your fellow radio amateurs to participate in the 50 MHz Region 1 IARU Contest. We have pleasure of informing you that this year PZK (Polski Zwiazek Krotkofalowcow- Polish Amateur Radio Union) is adjudicating 50 MHz Region 1 IARU Contest.
Please find all information in attached documents:
VHF Manager of PZK                              Vice President of PZK
Piotr Szolkowski, SP5QAT                       Bogdan Machowiak, SP3IQ
ON4POO in Frankrijk
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ

ON4POO zal aktief zijn op 2M en 70CM vanuit het departement 46 "le lot" (JN04) tussen 1 mei en 15 mei, vooral overdag en op 8 mei met zijn vrienden Pierre F5ADT en Patrick F5OYS .
En ook tijdens de contest.
73 QRO Michel ON4POO PS

Ingediend door: ON4AVJ
F5ICN will be QRV from JN03BF the first week of may (dept 65).

He will be QRV every morning on 144.265, 432MHz and 1296 MHz.

Ingediend door: ON4AVJ

ON7VA, Eddy Claes, will be QRV all bands from 02/05/2009 - 09/05/2009.

On 02 and 03/05/2009 QRV on 2m.

SPECIAL EDITION of QSL-Card 100% for each QSO on different bands.

F/ON7VA/P - Eddy - IN98QL - QTH: CEAUCE - La Vérie -Department 61 - ORNE.


4 meter beacon in OE
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ

We are happy to announce, that we received a license to operate a beacon on the 4 m band.

  • Callsign: OE5QL
  • The beacon frequency is: 70,045 MHz
  • Locator: JN78CJ
  • Height: 840m ASL
  • Antenna: Half-Wave Vertical

This is no Amateur Radio Call the Austrian PTT said, it is an Experimental Operation Radio Call.

Well, there are some restrictions:

  • Time limit is 1 June and until 31 August 2009.
  • Transmission is only 2 minutes per sequence between 04:00 and 19:47 UTC.
  • Each sequence begins at full hour +00 min., +15 min., +30 min. and +45 min, e.g. 04:00-04:02, 04:15-04:17, 04:30-04:32 and 04:45-04:47.
  • Transmission power is 1 W ERP the first minute of each sequence and 5 W ERP the second minute of each sequence.

If the beacon does not interfere with services outside of Austria, an extension is possible after August 2009 the Austrian PTT said.
Anyway after August 2009 we will try to negotiations for 24/7 duration period for the beacon.



Most Wanted squares 2009
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ
Make more miles on VHF heeft zijn jaarlijks lijst met most wanted squares gepubliceerd.
De lijst vind je via deze link