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Suitsat 2 Call Sign ID Contest

Among the many operations that will be carried out onboard Suitsat 2, one of the most exciting will be the Call Sign ID Contest. The objective of the contest is to spur interest in International Morse code and to honor those individual amateur radio operators who have significantly contributed to the development of amateur radio in space. This includes those who have contributed to amateur radio on satellites as well as those involved in human space flight.

The call sign of the Suitsat 2 station will be sent via CW in International Morse code followed by the call sign of one of individuals submitted by the ARISS delegates and then some TBD telemetry. Over the period of the mission all call signs should be transmitted. Once the entire set of call signs have been transmitted, they will be repeated again. This will continue until the end of the mission.
Those participating in the contest will monitor and record call signs of the individuals. Not only will this serve as a competitive challenge and inspire young listeners to learn Morse code, it will honor those who have devoted enormous time and effort to develop amateur radio in space.
In order to achieve this goal, we are inviting all ARISS (Amateur Radio on International Space Station) Delegates to submit a list of names and call signs of their amateur radio operator volunteers that they feel should be honored in this way. We ask the delegates to limit their lists to a maximum of fifty (50) call signs. This is a great opportunity to recognize all those who have contributed so much and continue to give of themselves to ensure ham radio will always have a place in space.
We ask that the lists be submitted along with the name of the individual and a brief explanation of why this person is on the list. This data will used only to answer questions of who is this ham operator and why is he/she being so honored.
This list should be submitted to Dave Jordan AA4KN at aa4kn [at] amsat [dot] org who has volunteered to gather the lists and deliver them to the Suitsat team for programming into the satellite prior to launch. Dave has also volunteered to review the lists submitted by the contestants. Please also send a copy to w5did [at] amsat [dot] org and to gaston [dot] bertels [at] skynet [dot] be

The details of the contest haven’t been fully developed as of this time. These details will be announced before Suitsat 2 is deployed.