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64th Eurovision song contest 2019 in Tel Aviv

The Israel Amateur Radio Club and the Israeli Ministry of Communications are proud to announce a special Radio Amateur activity for the 64th Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv, Israel.
The activity will start at 18/04/2019 21UTC and will end at 18/05/2019 21UTC.
During the event, 5 special Israeli amateur radio stations will be active using the special call signs:
  • 4X64S
  • 4X64O
  • 4X64N
  • 4X64G
  • 4Z64EURO
Their combined buildup the word EuroSONG.

A special colorful award will be given to any radio amateur station or SWL that will make or hear at least 10 contacts with stations as follow:
4 contacts with 4 out of the 5 different special stations 4X64S, 4X64O, 4X64N, 4X64G, 4Z64EURO  and 6 contacts with a regular Israeli amateur radio stations.  For this activation, Israeli station may have /euro as a suffix added to their regular call sign.

All the above stations will be active on SSB, CW, FT8 and PSK on all radio amateur bands. Contacts with Israeli station during the Holyland contest on 19-20 of April will count for the EuroSONG award as well.

All contacts counts only once on the same band with the same mode. All awards will be digital awards without numbers on the awards issue, but with mode sign (mix, ssb, cw, digital).

To check your contacts or to generate the special award, please follow this link.