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Santa is coming!

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OH9SSanta's radio amateur station will be active from Finnish Lapland. Unlike some other stations we are really located in Northern part of the country. OH9S is not having any remote stations and we let the nature decide where we can make the contacts. The length of Finland is more than 1100 km so besides the weather also band conditions vary much. Yes, we know it is not easy to contact us while we are mostly operated above the Arctic circle but that's part of the game!

This is... the most northernmost Santa -station in Finland.

In 2018 the activity time will be 1st December - 8th December. Our location is in Levi holiday resort around 200km above the Arctic circle. OHC is 907 (Kittilä).

We are running with 4 stations. One is for 30/40m operation and the other is for upper HF+6M+80M, one for 2m (aurora) and one 2km from "main station" on all HF-bands.

Due to expected poor radio conditions we will focus on FT8 but work on SSB/CW/RTTY too.