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Lest we forget
Soumis par: ON7YD

To mark the end of the WW1, to end all wars and in remembrance of the 18 million who lost their lives and the 24 million injured on all sides, a total of 12 special call signs will be put on the air by members of the Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society during 2018:
GB1GW January
GB1FWW February
GB2GW March
GB2FWW April
GB5GW July
GB5FWW August
GB6GW September
GB6FWW October
GB8GW November
GB0AD November 10/11

A special QSL will be sent out for all contacts at the end of 2018, there will also be confirming via LoTW and EQSL. Details can be found on QRZ.com, OQRS via Club Log. Four on line certificates will also be available for amateur stations who have worked the required number of special event calls at the end of 2018. These will also be available for SWL's who confirm receiving the required number of special call signs.

BRONZ award : working/hearing 4 stations
SILVER award : working/hearing 6 stations
GOLD award : wokring/hearing 10 stations
PLATINUM award : working/hearing 12 stations

Up to 5 missing special calls can be substituted with WVARS members calls or the WVARS club call sign. Members of the club also run a number of internet gateways. QSO's through the gateways are also accepted for the awards.

All details can be found on QRZ.com and on the WVARS web site.

EI50AOM - 1968 Tuskar Rock Air Tragedy remembrance
Soumis par: ON7TK
Fifty years after the crash of an Aer Lingus Viscount airliner in the Irish Sea—still the largest single loss of life in Irish civil aviation history—special event station EI5ØAOM remembers this tragic event and honours the 61 lives lost.

Special event station EI5ØAOM - fifty years after the crash of EI‐AOM - has been licensed to operate January through March 2018 to remember this tragic event. The station will devote one day beginning 22 January to remember each of the four crew and 57 passengers who died, with operations culminating on the fiftieth anniversary of the crash, 24 March 2018.

QSL via EI2KA, direct with $2 and self‐addressed envelope or via bureau. Log will be uploaded periodically to LoTW for non‐paper confirmations.

For more information see: www.qrz.com/db/EI50AOM.
Soumis par: ON4CAS
Du 20 jusqu'au 26 mars, Jef ON4ACA (aka DD2CW) et Dirk ON3UN activeront la station SI9AM. On sera QRV sur HF (10 a 160m) en SSB et CW. Une activation Fauna & Flora est susceptible du météo. QSL via ON3UN.

6W/ON4AVT - Senegal
Soumis par: ON4AVT
(à traduire) Willy ON4AVT zal QRV zijn als 6W/ON4AVT vanuit M'bour in Senegal van 1 tot 28 februari 2018.

QSO's in vakantiestijl met FT-891 en verticale Buddipole, enkel op 20m, hoofdzakelijk in PSK31/63, bij goede propagatie in SSB.

Bouvet Island - 3Y0Z
Soumis par: ON7SS
Van onze zusterorganisatie de SARL ontvingen we nog wat nieuws van de 3Y0Z dxpeditie naar Bouvet.
Je kan hier de pdf downloaden.

De notre organisation soeur, la SARL, nous avons encore reçu des nouvelles de l'expédition 3Y0Z à Bouvet.
Vous pouvez télécharger le pdf ici.