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You plan to visit Belgium?

Welcome to all foreign radioamateurs to Belgium!

Welcome to Belgium!Welcome!
The UBA wishes all foreign radio amateurs and their families, who plan to visit our beautiful country, a very pleasant stay. We feel sure you will enjoy this multicultural country, where most people speak at least two, and many 4 or 5 languages. Communicating in English will be no problem!

You'd like to operate ham radio in Belgium?
Belgium complies with the CEPT Recommendation TR61-01 and 02 and if your country does as well, the licensing procedure will be quite easy:
If you have a radio amateur license with the CEPT mention (CEPT TR61-01), and if your stay is not longer than 3 months you can operate a radio amateur station using your own call preceded "ON/" (ON slash your call). Example: if your call is W1XYZ you will use the call ON/W1XYZ.
If you plan to stay longer than 3 months and if you hold a HAREC operator certificate (CEPT TR61-02), you can apply for a Belgian Callsign, which probably will be a ON9-call. Contact BIPT/IBPT, the Belgian regulatory body regarding radio licenses.
If your PTT administration didn't sign the CEPT agreements, you can ask for a special guest license. Send an inquiry letter with a photocopy of your license to BIPT/IBPT. In any case you should include a photocopy of your licence together with the study program relating to the radio amateur examination in your country. The whole procedure may take quite a while and no guarantee of success.