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World Telecommunication & Information Society Day- May 17th, 2020

Every year on 17th May, ITU commemorates the establishment of the International Telegraph Convention, or Convention Télégraphique Internationale, in 1865 in Paris, now 155 years ago. A big step forward for humanity.

In its strategic plan that runs until 2030, ITU strives to involve the entire world population in telecommunications developments that should lead to more innovation and sustainability.
It specifically targets information society and global telecommunications links.

Telecommunications are now proving their exceptional usefulness during the outbreak of the infectious COVID-19 disease.
Just 95 years ago, the IARU was founded in Paris and was later (at the Conférence of Madrid in 1932) recognised by the ITU as the representative of the radio amateur service to promote radio amateurisme on a global scale.
Radio amateurs all over the world may truly be proud of their commitment to familiarise young people with telecommunications.

Poster ITU (Education and Telecom)  Poster ITU (Growth and Telecom)
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ON3FDS – Freddy De Schuiteneer translation Johan Ameel
Source: ITU Press