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Photo: Couloir

DX News

These pages are meant to inform you on the VHF-UHF-SHF & Microwaves DX activity in Belgium and Europe. You will find logs from ON stations, planned DX-expeditions and their results. If you have information please send a mail to vhf [at] uba [dot] be
Photos and sound files are also welcome.
VHF Aurora:  Status 144 MHz E-Skip in EU:  Status
Contests, Top List and Firsts
Submitted by: ON4KHG

The results of the 2018 VHF - UHF - Microwave championship are available on the website.
The rules for 2019 are also published.
Finally, the Top Lists and the list of Firsts are actialized. Don't hesitate to send your updates (vhf [at] uba [dot] be).
Gaëtan, ON4KHG
VHF Contest Mgr