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QSL Service

QSL-cards collectionThe UBA QSL service is a free of charge service for all UBA members. If you will be staying for a relatively long time in Belgium, we kindly invite you to become member of the UBA and choose a UBA section near where you will be living. There are over 80 sections spread all over the country.

The UBA QSL bureau provides an outgoing as well as an incoming QSL service. You deliver your outgoing QSL cards to the QSL-manager of your section, and you pick up the incoming QSL cards at the club meetings. You can of course also work out an arrangement with the club QSL-manager to send the QSL cards by mail.

QSL cards are sent out and received on a monthly basis, except during the summer vacation period.

If you are not an UBA member, and you will be using a Belgian call (e.g. an ON9-call, reserved for longterm visitors), chance is that you will have QSL cards arriving at the UBA QSL-bureau. Once a year these cards will be made available to non-members at cost. Details are given on this site and in our magazine CQ-QSO at the beginning of each year.

If you will be operating from Belgium as ON/YOURCALL, QSL cards for contacts you make will likely arrive at your home QSL bureau, unless you specify otherwise.

If you will be using the outgoing QSL service, you will have to pre-sort your QSL cards before delivering them to the section QSL-manager.

QSL cards must be sorted by country or rather by IARU QSL bureau. There is a further requirement for two countries, Australia and the U.S.A. For these countries QSL cards must be sorted by call area. For the U.S.A. 4th call district there is a further split: all K, W, N, and A QSL cards on one side, and the remaining prefixes (for the 4th call area) on the other side.

To facilitate sorting your QSL cards correctly we have at your disposal a listing of prefixes with the corresponding country. You can download this file as a zip file (it is a Microsoft-Excel file of 67.56 KB) here: COUNTRY-ZIP.

You can also use our specially written application program which makes use of this file. The program QBUS runs under Windows, and can be downloaded here as QBUS-ZIP (303.13 KB).