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Satellite News

Submitted by: ON4AVJ

Due to storage considerations on the International Space Station, the two surplus Orlan space suits in storage on the International Space Station were discarded via the Progress Cargo Vessel. One of these suits was to be used to house the electronics for the upcoming SuitSat-2 mission where the batteries were to be mounted inside the suit, solar panels attached to the extremities with the electronics, video cameras and antenna mounted on the helmet by the ISS crew prior to deployment during an EVA....
Ground station in Bochum generated echoes from Venus
Submitted by: ON4AVJ
The team of German Space Agency AMSAT-DL reached another milestone on the way to send a spacecraft to Mars on 25 March 2009. From ground mission control station in Bochum (located in the observatory IUZ Sternwarte) radio frequency signals were sent to Venus. After nearly 100 million kilometres of track and approximately five minute’s term they came back again as echoes from Venus surface and were received in Bochum. This was the first German success to receive echoes of other planets.