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MM0RAI/P - Rockall Island

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(April 29, 2009 - js) Landing on Rockall is impossible. The skipper of the Elinca did not allow a landing on Rockall. The waves are too high, even launching a Zodiac is impossible. "The weather is worsening by the hour and the weather forecast for the coming days does not give any hope", Theo ON4ATW said this morning.

News from the Rockall Team: "The arrival at Rockall is now foreseen Wednesday morning (April 29). The weather forecast is that on Friday a storm is expected to pass the Rockall area. As they have to clear the island before that, it is most likely the team will be on the air with 2 stations for about 24 hours instead of the planned 48 hours. Karel, ON5TN urgently asked again: "Work us only once in order to give everybody a fair chance"."

MM0RAI in the media: BBC News.