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YOTA 2018 camp in South Africa

UBA is looking for 3 participants and a team leader to join the YOTA 2019 camp in South Africa.
The camp is held from 8 till 15 August 2018

Team leader - Age 18-30 years
Team member - Age 15-25 years

Please send your application/motivation to youth [at] uba [dot] be (in English!)

The week of activities will have a central focus on the theme of “Train the Trainer” to include a variety and combination of amateur radio related activities such as:
• An Intercultural Evening (Traditional event)
• Visit to some of South Africa’s Cultural hubs and a visit to a commercial AM radio station and monitoring stations
• A day in a game reserve experiencing African wild life such as the Big 5,
• BACAR – Balloon Carrying Amateur Radio payload design, launch, track & recovery,
• Building a dedicated kit - currently in the process of being designed,
• Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio ( RaDAR) a concept for operating an amateur radio station anywhere, anytime and even in adverse environmental conditions,
• Antique Wireless Association Museum at Innes House in Observatory,
• Software Defined Radio – learn to use the latest technology as a demonstration and training tool to promote Amateur Radio,
• Experiencing and mastering digital modes and techniques,
• Operate the special event ZS9YOTA station.