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Test Aankoop (Test Purchase) and the truth about electromagnetic radio waves

Mobile Phone TowerIn the April/May issue 156 of Test Gezondheid (Test Health), the consumer organisation reacts to the misinformation about 5G and radio waves. Fake news saying that 5G is related to the coronavirus COVID-19 is circulating in antisocial messages.
In a four page article, Test Aankoop explains in a readily comprehensible form what electromagnetic radio waves are.
At the same time, in the April issue 651 of Test Aankoop, the consumer organisation warns for unsafe wireless car keys.
Test Aankoop provides honest information, now all sorts of false messages pop up about COVID-19 being caused by 5G.
In the past too, ham radio operators were the victims of false accusations about electromagnetic waves and diseases.
For example, after the erection of an aluminium rod type antenna, people suddenly became ill en masse because of electromagnetic radiation. It was very peculiar that there was no transmission station present, neither was there a connection by coaxial cable.

Destruction of mobile phone towers in the UK and also in the Netherlands

On 6th April the GSM Association published an alarming press release about torching and destruction of mobile phone towers in the UK. Tools of telecommunications engineers, too, were damaged.
These facts are present on different sites, after the massive spread of fake messages.
The four British mobile phone operators EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3UK have reacted sharply to these false accusations.
In the meantime, such false messages have been vigorously denied by the British fact checking website Full Fact.
Last week we saw also arson to several mobile phone masts in the Netherlands.

Traduction: Johan Ameel
Photos : GSM Association and ON3FDS.

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