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Proximus goes for more cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

Voorstelling ADA door Proximus
The war that Russia is waging against Ukraine underlines once again the great importance of the need for more cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Proximus launched, in the presence of competent minister Petra De Sutter, Stefaan De Clerck, Chairman of Proximus, and Guillaume Boutin, CEO of Proximus, the new ADA service.
ADA will start in full from April 2022 with 50 computer experts, by 2025 there should be 150. The service, led by Managing Director Stephanie Cox, will mainly focus on cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.

Also digital war

We did not receive a conclusive answer when we asked if the significantly larger cyber attacks are related to Russia's war against Ukraine. According to Minister Petra De Sutter, the increased cyber attacks are indeed a problem. But due to the nature of the attacks, according to Minister Petra De Sutter, it is impossible to determine who performs them and where they come from.
The fact that this center is now being developed in Belgium is a good thing. It is of utmost importance to detect and prevent fraud and malicious activity.

Telecom operator helps refugees from Ukraine

Belgian telecom operator Proximus offers its customers free mobile and fixed calls to and from Ukraine, at least until the end of March 2022. Refugees from Ukraine receive free prepaid cards with 10 Gigabyte data and unlimited calls and texts in Belgium.
Anyone who takes in Ukrainian refugees and is a customer of Proximus and Scarlet will receive unlimited download for fixed internet. This telecom operator will also be committed to providing shelter and assistance to the refugees.