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Photo: Couloir

New beacons ON0VHF

Three new beacon frequencies have been installed today on the site of ON0VHF in JO20HP, the 13 cm beacon is already operational since mid-september.

Current beacons as of today:
23 cm:
frequency: 1296.875 (GPS locked)
8 W - slot antenna 16 dBi
13 cm
frequency: +/- 2320.888  (pas encore pilotée GPS, changement à 2320.875 en décembre)
1,5 W - slot antenna
6 cm
frequency: 5760.880 (GPS locked)
200 mW - slot antenna
3 cm
frequency: 10368.825 (GPS locked)
7 W - slot antenna 12 dBi
Antennas are installed about 30m above ground = 170 m ASL on the same site as the bacons ON0VHF on 144 an 432 MHz.
Thanks to the tam of ON4IV, ON7RX, ON7UN, ON4BCB, F6DPH an ON5TA.
Your reports ar most welcome !