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Photo: Couloir

Morsecode and telegraphy now also recognised by the german-speaking government of Belgium

(left to right: ON5VU, ON3HGL (CM RBO), ON4KJR (DM Liège), Isabelle Weykmans (Minister for culture), ON6TI (french-speaking secretary of UBA), ON8BV, ON8AW, ON3VNE)

Isabelle Weykmans, Minister for culture, employment and tourism for the german-speaking government of Belgium, has presented to the UBA the official cerificate for the recognition of Morseocde and Morsetelegraphy as immaterial cultural heritage by the DG.


The local club RBO and especially the former CM Peter Nelting ON8AW have contributed to the success of this project. After 2 years of intensive work, meetings and a review by a panel of intrenational experts, the minister has approved this recognition. The minister said she was astonished by the quality of the provided documentation.


During this' years AGM we have already shown the letter of the ministry. Now on october 25th the minister for culture Isabelle Weykens handed over the official certificate to the delegation of the UBA in the marvelous House Grand Ry in Eupen.

In the name of the royal Union of Belgian Amateurs I thanked minister Isabelle Weykmans and her team. I wish also to thank the people of RBU, especially Peter ON8AW, for their excellent work.

After the recognition by the flemish-speaking community, the filing with the french-speaking government is in progress.

73's ON6TI