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HRH Princess Elisabeth 18th Birthday Award

At the occasion of the 18th birthday of HRH Princess Elisabeth, the UBA is offering a commemorative award for working special event stations aired between October 25th and 25th December 2019.

During this two months period, the UBA will activate the special event station OR0YAL (which can be read as O Royal). Furthermore, over 30 clubstations using the special prefix OR18 will be on the air. Individual HAMs may replace their regular ON into OR during this celebration period.

A commemorative award will be offered in four classes:

Class Points required
Bronze 30
Silver 50
Gold 70
Platinum 110

Depending on the actual activity this event is generating, two additional awards may be added soon: Diamond and Royal Class.

Don't look for your calculator: a dedicated webpage does the caluculation for you.
Please note that, however you're encouraged to do so, contacting  Belgian stations other than OR0YAL and the OR18 clubcalls do not get you any points towards the certificate.

List of OR18 stations: OR18AAA, OR18AST (approval pending), OR18BDX, OR18CRD, OR18BXE, OR18DIG, OR18DST, OR18ERA, OR18GNT (approval pending)  OR18GTM, OR18HCC, OR18KTK, OR18LGE, OR18LLV, OR18LUS, OR18LVN, OR18MCL, OR18MLB, OR18NBT, OR18NOK, OR18NOL, OR18ONZ, OR18OSA, OR18OSB, OR18OST, OR18PHI, OR18RAT, OR18RSX, OR18SNW, OR18TLS, OR18TRA, OR18TRC, OR18TWS, OR18UBA, OR18WLD, OR18WRA, OR18WTO and OR18ZTM.