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Photo: Couloir

First World War- Visit the city of Mesen/Messines

We invite all Amateur Radio operators and their families to visit the city of Mesen/Messines beginning of July 2017. Mesen/Messines is the place in whose surroundings the Battle of the Mines took place one hundred years ago, on 7 June 1917, a battle that marked a turning point in the war.
As Amateur Radio operators, together with the UBA, we will focus on the rise and the development of telecommunications during the First World War. There will be several activities in Mesen's town hall, organised by the UBA and its sections IPR, MWV, RAM and ARA. Philippe Verhelst of the MVW section will put together a unique exposition on telecommunications equipment that was used during the war. And beside the town hall you can find the OP0PPY radio station, an initiative from the IPR section. It will be mainly amateurs from the IPR, RAM, MWV and ARA sections who will be establishing contacts worldwide using the special call OP0PPY. The expo and the transmitter can be visited daily from Saturday 3 June to Sunday 11 June 2017, from 10:00 to 18:00.

Info: ON3FDS