UBARoyal Belgian Amateur Radio Union

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Photo: Couloir

BAFARA Activity Week-end 2017

The Belgian Air Force Amateur Radio Association invites all members of the amateur radio community to take part in this event.

Date: 21, 22 & 23 July 2017.
Target : Promoting the BAFARA to the radio-amateur community world-wide.
Operation : Activation in all modes on all frequency bands.
BAFARA stations will call : CQ Belgian Air Force activity Week-end.
Information to be exchanged - BAFARA stations :RPRT & BAFARA number.
- Other stations : RPRT

Have you ever been part of the Belgian Air Force (Active, temporary, military service, reserve, civilian staff, medical service, Air cadet), or did you, as a member of another Belgian Defense Force, have been employed by/for the Belgian Air Force, or did you attend a training at the Belgian Air Force…..but your callsign is NOT in the list ...... PSE ask your BAFARA number (for free) via info [at] bafara [dot] be

Click here for a list of valid stations & BAFARA numbers.