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Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur
Submitted by: ON4UN
We most certainly all agree that the operating practice on the amateur bands is not always such as we like to hear it. Two years ago Mark ON4WW took an initiative in this respect and wrote the successful document ‘Operating Practice’ that in the meantime has been translated in more than 15 languages and has been published in even more countries. This success and the many positive criticisms have incited Mark ON4WW and John ON4UN to write a complete handbook regarding Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur.

This document has been accepted by the Administrative Council (AC) of IARU Worldwide to become the official IARU document on this subject.
OP0HQ in the IARU HF Contest
Submitted by: ON4UN
IARU-logoFor the first time in many years the UBA will participate in the IARU Contest on second full weekend of July, in a well concerted HQ-effort. We have put together a competitive team to man 12 band-mode slots aiming to give you the ‘UBA’ multiplier on all 6 bands and both modes. We will be using the call OP0HQ, which is an all-time new prefix. So, prefix hunters, watch out for us!

Submitted by: ON4UN
Starting a few weeks from now, you will regularly hear the somewhat unusual callsign ON4DAMIAN on the air. Here is the story on this special call. ON4DAMIAN is a special station commemorating “the Greatest Belgian”, a title Father Damian earned by a popular poll during a series of TV programs where Flemish people were searching for a Belgian, worth this honour.