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20 years Eurotunnel
Submitted by: ON9TT
Twenty years ago, May 6 1994, the Channel Tunnel (Eurotunnel) was inaugurated.
A group of French amateurs set up the special event station TM5TSM (Tunnel sous la Manche).
Happy New Year...
Submitted by: ON7TK
Happy New Year - UBA We wish you a happy new year and a lot of joy and satisfaction with our wonderful hobby…
Happy Holidays
Submitted by: ON9TT

The YASME foundation honors ON4UN
Submitted by: ON9TT

The Yasme Excellence Award is awarded to individuals who, through their own service, creativity, effort and dedication, have made a significant contribution to amateur radio. The contribution may be in recognition of technical, operating or organizational achievement, as all three are necessary for amateur radio to grow and prosper. The Yasme Excellence Award is in the form of a cash grant and an individually-engraved crystal globe.

New UBA Award
Submitted by: ON4CAS

To commemorate the new Belgian King the UBA is issuing a commemorative award.

Results IARU R1 50 MHz Contest
Submitted by: ON4AVJ
The results of the IARU R1 contest are out. The first Belgian station is ON8DM on the 45th place Mono Operator and OP6T/P on the 67th place (multi).
We can do better this year? just GO FOR IT. Contesting on VHF is also fun.
Happy New Year...
Submitted by: ON7TK
Happy New Year - UBA We wish you a happy new year and a lot of joy and satisfaction with our wonderful hobby...
HAM Académie - 2ième session en cours
Submitted by: ON6TI
The second edition of the HAM Academy has been launched this Saturday, November 10th.
HAM Academy - first edition launched successfully!
Submitted by: ON6TI
It is with a great success that the 7 candidates followed the training and passed the practical exams during the first edition of the HAM Academy.
The curriculum for the base licence (ON3) implies a 12 hour training and a practical exam held by the amateur societies, while the theoretical exam is still held by the Belgian Institute for Post & Telecom (BIPT).
Having 28 local clubs in Wallonia, it is sometimes hard to assemble enough candidates in order to organise a training session. The HAM ACADEMY therefore allows local clubs to send their candidates to a central course organised by the UBA.
ON4HIL and ON7YT landed on Rockall I.
Submitted by: ON7TK
Rockall Isl.
Patrick, ON4HIL was the first to land on Rockall today! Rudi, ON7YT is now also on top of Rockall Island and they are now moving the equipment from the Cdt Fourcault to the rock.
All equipment is now on top of the rock. MM0RAI/P EU189 is now active and operated by Patrick ON4HIL. The operation started today at 15:45 UTC.
Patrick and Rudi are going to stay on the rock until tomorrow noon, if the weather isn't changing...

Extra information (02-10-2011 9:00): At 6:50 UTC Patrick ON4HIL informs us that the Rockall activation had to be stopped and that the team had to leave the island due to coming bad weather conditions... They were active during the whole night on 40m. Many of us where happy to log a new IOTA in our log. Congrats to the whole Rockall team!