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OP prefix for all Belgian radio-amateurs for the month of November
Submitted by: ON7YD
In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of World War 1, the UBA received authority from the BIPT for all Belgian Radio-amateurs to use the special OP prefix instead of the usual ON prefix, during the month of November 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018.

IARU speaks for the Region’s amateur radio community
Submitted by: ON7YD
The past three months have been a busy time for IARU’s Region 1 team involved in spectrum issues of interest to the Amateur Radio service, as we work towards the ITU World Radio Conference 2019.
In April, discussions continued in CEPT SE24 about the impact of Wireless Power Transmission for electric vehicles (WPT-EV) on radio services in the residential environment. IARU continues to argue that tighter emission limits are needed to protect radiocommunications services from harmful interference, and submitted a study supporting its concerns.

Securitas is recruiting
Submitted by: ON7YD
UBA 70 Hits The Airwaves: three new awards
Submitted by: ON4CAS
OT70 new awards

 Due to the immense success of the "UBA 70 Hits The Airwaves" project, we are happy to announce that three new awards have been added the already existing ones.

UBA 70 Hits The Airwaves
Submitted by: ON4CAS
UBA 70 Hits The Airwaves
The UBA celebrates its 70th anniversary. During the entire month of May, over 50 special event stations using the OT70 prefix will be active to commemorate this anniversary.

HMS Vendictive
Submitted by: ON4AVJ
VindinctiveSpecial event station OS100V - HMS Vindictive Commemoration
The Ostend Section of the Royal Belgian Amateur Radio Union (UBA) in collaboration with the Belgian Sea Cadet Corps – Ostend Unit (BRSCC) will commemorate the second raid on the port of Ostend of the first World war on Thursday 10 and Friday 11th of May 2018.
The special event radio station OS100V will be operated by radio amateurs and by Sea Cadets between 08.00 UTC and 20.00 UTC and is located at the Belgian Sea Cadet Base in Ostend (Belgium).
A special QSL card and Award can be obtained.
YOTA 2018 camp in South Africa
Submitted by: ON7YD
UBA is looking for 3 participants and a team leader to join the YOTA 2019 camp in South Africa.
The camp is held from 8 till 15 August 2018

Team leader - Age 18-30 years
Team member - Age 15-25 years

OR4ESA on air from Redu Ground station
Submitted by: ON6TI

  OR4ESA is the temporary special callsign for the activation at the  European Space Agency (ESA) - Redu Site and Satellite Tracking Station in Redu, Belgium.  (Grid locator: JO20na)


We will be on the air only from the 17th of January until the 6th of February 2018.


Morsezeichen und Morsetelepgraphie annerkannt als immaterielles Kulturerbe durch die Deutschprachige Gemeinschaft Belgiens
Submitted by: ON6TI
offizielle Urkunde

Isabelle Weykmans, Ministerin für Kultur, Beschäftigung und Tourismus der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft Belgiens, hat gestern der UBA die offizielle Urkunde überreicht zur Aufnahme der Morsezeichen und der Morsetelegraphie in das Register des immateriellen Kulturerbes der DG.

Morsecode and telegraphy now also recognised by the german-speaking government of Belgium
Submitted by: ON6TI
Cerificate of recognition

Isabelle Weykmans, Minister for culture, employment and tourism for the german-speaking government of Belgium, has presented to the UBA the official cerificate for the recognition of Morseocde and Morsetelegraphy as immaterial cultural heritage by the DG.