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Old "Traffic News" messages

MC0YRC - Brecon Beacons
Submitted by: ON7TK
The Radio Society of Great Britain’s Youth Committee will be active as MC0RYC from the Brecon Beacons in Wales from 23-30 July.
This is the first young person’s DXpedition that the RSGB has organised.Throughout the course of the week, the young Members will be taking part in an array of activities including operating SOTA summits Pen-y-fan (SOTA reference GW/SW-001) & Waun-Fach (SOTA reference GW/SW-002). Provided the weather isn’t too bad, SOTA activations will be taking place on the following dates and times:

  • Saturday 25 July - afternoon
  • Sunday 26 July - afternoon
  • Tuesday 28 July – noon UTC
  • Wednesday 29 July - noon UTC

There will be many other activities including ARDF, antenna-building workshops and encouraging good radio operation. A special QSL card will be available for those who wish to receive one, both direct and via the Bureau.

Twitter: @theRSGByouth
Facebook: facebook.com/theRSGB | rsgb.org/youth-committee
E-mail: m0ryc [at] rsgb [dot] org [dot] uk
Grimeton Radio SAQ transmitting on Alexanderson Day
Submitted by: ON5EX
Grimeton Radio/SAQ will transmit on VLF frequency 17.2 kHz, CW, with the Alexanderson 200 kW alternator on “ALEXANDERSON DAY”, Sunday, June 28th, at 09:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC. Tuning up some 30 minutes before the message.

There will be activity on amateur radio frequencies during the day with the call SK6SAQ. Frequencies: 7,035 CW or 14,035 CW - 3,755 SSB. QSL to SK6SAQ via SM bureau.

QSL-reports on SAQ transmissions are welcome. Email to info [at] alexander [dot] n [dot] se or via SM bureau or direct by mail to: Alexander-Grimeton Veteranradios Vaenner, Radiostationen Grimeton 72,SE-432 98 Grimeton Sweden.

II4MB - Yacht Elettra
Submitted by: ON7TK
A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club (A.R.I. Italian Amateur Radio Association, IARU affiliated), organizes a technical – cultural event, hold at the seat of the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation (Villa Griffone, Marconi's birthplace – Pontecchio Marconi, Bologna – Italy) on Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th, 2015.

Aim of this event is to highlight at an international level the historical value and meaning of the Yacht “Elettra”, the moving laboratory of the great Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi, onboard of which a number of very important experiments on the radiocommunications were conducted. Over the whole weekend, the radioamateurs of the A.R.I. Fidenza group will operate a radio station located close to the relict keel of the yacht “Elettra”, kept at the Museum, and will ideally give new life to its “voice", allowing the radioamateurs overall in the world to get in contact with it. The radio contacts will be operated using the special callsign I I 4 M B .

Further details can be found here.

TM5U - Île de Bréhat
Submitted by: ON7PQ
Île de Bréhat (EU074) will be activated 10 - 15 May by ON7USB - ON5HC - ON7PQ - ON4PQ - ON8AZ.

Île de Bréhat (Breton: Enez Vriad) is an island located near Paimpol, a mile off the northern coast of Brittany. Administratively, it is a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor department in northwestern France. Bréhat is actually an archipelago composed of two main islands, separated only at high tide, and many smaller ones. It is famous for its pink granite rocks, very mild micro-climate and Mediterranean vegetation, due to the warm Gulf Stream coming from across the Atlantic.

Location: Atlantic ocean, 48°50′49″N 2°59′55″W
Surface: 3.09 km²
IOTA EU074 / FFF 1194 / WLOTA 2010
Visit our website for more.
LX90IARU - IARU 90th anniversary
Submitted by: ON7TK
LX90IARU will be active from 1/04 to 30/04/2015, all band all mode, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the International Amateur Radio Union.

QSL via LX2A. OQRS (Online QSL Requests) will be used too. Further info can be found on www.rlx.lu. RL is the national member society representing Luxembourg in the IARU.

ON4EI – Radiocamp in Ireland
Submitted by: ON4EI

Olivier ON4EI, is back to Ireland from 1st March to 2nd April 2015 to operate EI8GQB (EI1A during the ARRL International DX, Russian DX en CQ WW WPX contest).
In 2014 Olivier scored, with EI1A, top Europe score in CQ WW WPX, IOTA en CQ WW DX contests in Low Power/Single Op SSB category using mainly green energy with his temporary 'Field Day like' antenna park setup.
18m high top loaded vertical monopole for 160-80m-40m bands + 32 radials.
Inverted V dipole for 160-80m-40m bands.
3 elements East-West two-direction inverted V beam for 40m band.
200m long beverage RX antenna East-West directional.
Spiderbeam & Mosley TA33Jr antennas for 20/15/10m bands.
Rigs are 2 x Elecraft K3 + P3 SO2R 100W.
500Ah battery bank + 180W solar panel and 400W wind generator.
You can follow this one man expedition on www.qrz.com/db/EI8GQB or meet him on the air. (See live operating frequency on his qrz.com banner) QSL only via LOTW or via QSL MANAGER: PA3249 (direct or bureau).
K1N Interview for MDXC by W0GJ
Submitted by: ON7TK
Australian ANZAC Commemoration
Submitted by: ON7TK
Australia and New Zealand are commemorating 100 years since the landing of troops at Gallipoli in WWI. This is a significant commemorative event and Amateur Radio in Australia will have special event call signs in operation for most of 2015. These call signs will have the special event prefix VI followed by the State or Territory designator and then the word ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). See http://www.wia.org.au/newsevents/anzaccentenary/about/.

The next ANZAC event will commence on February 20th and will continue until March 3rd. This will be the Darwin Amateur Radio Club using VI8ANZAC.

Below are the recommended frequencies for the ANZAC events. Please use these as calling frequencies wherever possible and QSY as necessary. All contacts will be appreciated.

On another matter, Australia, through the Wireless Institute of Australia, has reached agreement with the Regulator to use the AX prefix over the weekend of the 25th and 26th April i.e. two days instead of one day.

Digital CW SSB
160m 1805 1825 1850
80m 3630 3530 3585
40m 7040 7010 7095
30m 10145 10110 10120
20m 14095 14010 14250
17m 18095 18105 18115
15m 21095 21105 21250
12m 24925 24895 24935
10m 28055 28025 28450
6m 50225 50500 51150
2m 145000 144050 144150

The Turkey Amateur Radio Society will use ECHO Link on ANZAC Day.
Other bands and modes by arrangement.
7S6WRD - UNESCO World Radio Day at Grimeton SAQ
Submitted by: ON5EX
World Heritage GRIMETON RADIO/SAQ will, hopefully, have a transmission with the Alexanderson alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz on international UNESCO ”WORLD RADIO DAY” (WRD) on Friday February 13th 2015. Tuning up from 14:30 UTC and a message will be sent at 15:00 UTC. The message concerning PEACE has been put together by over 200 citizens of Varberg via the “Varberg Calling for Peace” project, in Varberg, Sweden.

No QSL-cards will be given this time and no List of Reports will be constructed but short listeners reports to e-mail info [at] alexander [dot] n [dot] se are accepted.

Amateur radio station (SK6SAQ) will be active with a special call sign for the day, “7S6WRD” where “WRD” stands for “World Radio Day”. Frequencies: 7035 CW or 14035 CW, 3755 SSB. QSL to 7S6WRD via SM bureau.

4U0ITU - International Communication Union
Submitted by: ON5EX
The International Amateur Radio Club (IARC) of ITU will be taking part in the celebrations of World Radio Day, Friday 13th of February which also marks the kick-off for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union.

IARC will be using the callsign 4U0ITU (counts as ITU HQ, DXCC Entity code 117) for the rest of 2015, until the World Radio Conference WRC-15, 2-27 November 2015. All QSO will be confirmed, QSL information can be found on QRZ.com.