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Old "Traffic News" messages

PA100FDM - Nijmegen Four Days Marches
Submitted by: ON7YD
It is our pleasure to announce a special event station in the Nijmegen region (South-East Netherlands), celebrating the 100th edition of the famous and internationally well-known event Four Days Marches.

The Four Days Marches are a walking achievement event for four consecutive days, in which annually 46,000 walkers are participating. On those days, people from all over the world come to Nijmegen to walk in and around the city and its beautiful wooded surroundings. Thousands of spectators are cheering on the walkers along the route every day. After four days of walking a glorious entry along the Via Gladiola awaits the walker followed by receiving their well-deserved Four Days Medal.

Special event station PA100FDM will be active during 28 days from June 28th to July 26th 2016 and is made possible by several amateur radio operators from the Nijmegen region. The team of special event station PA100FDM is busy with the preparations of the activities. Please have a look on the corresponding website. Don’t forget to sign our guestbook.

On behalf of the PA100FDM team,
Jan PA2P
IY4EC - Elettra Calling
Submitted by: ON7TK
Over the whole weekend of 4-5 June, the radioamateurs of the A.R.I. Fidenza group will operate a radio station IY4EC located close to the relict keel of the yacht “Elettra”, kept at the Museum, and will ideally give new life to its “voice", radioamateurs overall in the world to get in contact with it.

LX/OO9O - Dillingen
Submitted by: ON9TT
Next operation will take place May 26-30, 2016 from Dillingen on the banks of the river Sauer at the Luxembourg-German border. This is some 10 km NW from Echternach, JN39DU, EPC region LU.GM.EC.

Participation in the WPX CW Contest and focus on 30m on the remaining days. Modes: CW, all PSK modes, some RTTY and I will try to get JT65 working. Station setup: FT897 - 1/4 wave vertical with SG230 SmartTuner, laptop with Logger32 and N1MM+.

More info on his website.
OT6A/P - 1940 Hitler Bunker
Submitted by: ON6DP
This email to inform you that we’ll be on the air for activation of the 1940 Hitler Bunker at B-5560 Brûly-de-Pesche, with  support of the Tourism Office of Commune Couvin and the local authorities.
Callsign:  OT6A/P
Date: May 21 2016, from 8h00 local time (06:00 UTC), 80-40-20m SSB & CW.
Operators: ON6YH, ON6DP, ON7ZM, ON5PO, ON4AR.
New reference :  BCA # NM340
This site is absolutely to visit on http://www.bdp1940.be.
We hope to QSO with you on the air.
73’s de Paul, ON6DP
On6dp [at] on6dp [dot] be
MJ/ON4RSX - Jersey Island
Submitted by: ON7WZ
The UBA RSX section will be active from Jersey Island (IOTA EU-013) from 05 to 08 may 2016 with some OM/YL members, using the callsign MJ/ON4RSX. Operators: ON4LEM Philippe, ON5TC Cécile, ON6QO Michel, ON7WZ Frédéric and ON8VP Peter. QRV HF 10-80m in CW, SSB and digital modes.

QSL via ON4RSX bureau or direct via ON8VP.

MJ0KUC - Jersey island
Submitted by: ON4ZD
From 2016 April 23 to April 30, members of the Charente DX Groupe (CDXG) will activate Jersey island, IOTA EU-013, WWLOC IN89VE. Team members are: F5LOW (Eric), F5MNK (Laurent), F5NBQ (Fabrice), F6HKA (Bertrand), MJ0ASP (Mathieu), ON4ZD/OS0S (Léon).

QSL to MJ0KUC via ON4ZD.

IQ4FE - Fornovo's sack battle commemoration
Submitted by: ON7TK
From April 18th to 28th, 2016, A.R.I. Fidenza will be On the Air on HF bands with the callsign IQ4FE, to commemorate the World War II event "Fornovo's sack battle" which occurred near Parma - Italy end April 1945 with the contribution of the Brazilian forces supporting the allied troups: “Força Expedicionária Brasileira" (FEB).

Special commemorative QSL via bureau to IQ4FE.
For further information see www.arifidenza.it and IQ4FE at www.qrz.com.
SAQ Christmas Eve transmission
Submitted by: ON5EX
It is now 10 years since our first Christmas Eve transmissions started.

There will be, as earlier, a transmission with the Alexanderson alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz CW from Grimeton Radio/SAQ in the very early morning on Christmas Eve, Thursday, December 24th 2015. A message will be transmitted at 08:00 UTC. The transmitter will be tuned up from around 07:30 UTC.

There will be no activity on amateur radio frequencies with the call SK6SAQ this time because the radio room is redecorated and cannot be used.

QSL-reports on SAQ transmission are kindly received. Email to info [at] alexander [dot] n [dot] se or via SM bureau or direct by mail to Alexander - Grimeton Veteranradios Vaenner, Radiostationen Grimeton 72, SE-432 98 GRIMETON, SWEDEN.

Lars SM6NM
Submitted by: ON4GS
Throughout November 2015, to commemorate the First World War, members of UBA-HRT (ON4HRT) will activate special event station ON1418WAR from the old military  base Teunenberg in Olen, Belgium.

QRV on all bands 160-10m, SSB, CW and PSK31. See www.qrz.com or www.on4hrt.org for full details. The final log can be found on eQSL, LoTW and Club Log. Realtime QSO lookup is accessible via the club's website.

73 de Gert ON3SWY, CM UBA-HRT
Extra SAQ transmission
Submitted by: ON5EX
There will be a transmission with the Alexanderson VLF alternator on 17.2 kHz on “United Nations Day” October 24th, 2015 at 10:00 UTC (12:00 local time). Start up and tuning from about 09:30 UTC. This time, no QSL reports are required.

There will be activity with the call SK6SAQ on any of the following frequencies: 14.035 CW, 7.035 CW, 7.080 SSB, 7.050 PSK31. QSL for SK6SAQ via SK6DK or SM-bureau.

Website: www.alexander.n.se.