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Old "Traffic News" messages

YS1G – El Salvador
Submitted by: ON5EX

(April 23, 2009 - js) Three UK operators are planning to operate from El Salvador as YS1G from 17 May to early on 23 May 2009. They will be focusing on CW, mainly on 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m but also on the higher bands as sunspots permit. Possible operations on SSB.

QSL via G3TXF.

International Marconi Day
Submitted by: ON5EX
(April 20, 2009 - js) This year sees the 22nd International Marconi Day (IMD), which marks the anniversary of Guglielmo Marconi's birth, 25 April 1874. This is a 24-hour amateur radio event (taking place on April 25) that is not a contest but an opportunity for radio amateurs around the world to make point-to-point contact with historic Marconi sites and to gain an award for achieving the requisite number of Marconi stations worked. See their website to know all participating IMD stations.

5C - Mogador Island
Submitted by: ON5EX

(April 18, 2009 - js) A group of Italian and Spanish operators will be active as 5Cxx from Mogador island and from various lighthouses starting April 19th to 26th. They will be aired from 160m to 10m on CW, SSB and digital modes. Take a look on their website to know the dedicated bureau for you to send your QSL.

Note all surplus funds received will be assigned to the victims of the earthquake in the Abruzzo region.


XU7KOH - Koh Russei (Bamboo) Island
Submitted by: ON5EX

Koh Russei aka Bamboo Island(April 15, 2009 - js) From Friday April 17 0500 till Monday April 20 0500 UTC, XU7KOH will be aired from Koh Russei, Cambodia on SSB, possibly PSK31. Please watch the usual SSB IOTA frequencies.

QSL: direct only via ON7PP (SAE+2 US $). Log will be online April 24 onwards on this site.


HI7/OT4R - Dominican Republic
Submitted by: ON5EX

(April 14, 2009 - js) Ronny, OT4R & ON4ARV will be QRV between May 9 - 30 from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (NA-122) as HI7/OT4R. Activity will be on 10, 15 & 20m SSB. He may appear on 14.300 MHz whilst on 20m.

QSL via OT4R to the bureau.

LZ8WHST - World High Speed Telegraphy (HST) Championship 2009
Submitted by: ON5EX
logo hst 2009(April 9, 2009 - js) Members of the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs (BFRA) will be active as LZ8WHST to promote the next World High Speed Telegraphy Championship to be held in Obzor, Bulgaria, in September 2009. This special callsign will be randomly activated by several different BFRA operators from their home QTH and will be active until the end of September. Operation will be 99% CW, with the possibility of some occasional SSB and digital contacts. Activity will be emphasized during the championship, September 11-15th.

QSL via LZ1PJ. QSLing will start after the end of activation.
ON769MS - Leader Project Zevergem
Submitted by: ON5EX
logo european leader project(5 april 2009 - js) In het kader van het Europees 'Leader' project ter bevordering van het platteland, organiseren de radioamateurs van Zevergem, een deelgemeente van De Pinte, op 2 en 3 mei 2009 een special event in de dorpskern van Zevergem, met een ruim aanbod aan activiteiten: ON769MS QRV op HF/VHF in fonie, CW, digitale modes, SSTV, ATV, DATV; een radiozoektocht voor jong en oud; communicatie met satellieten en het ISS ruimtestation; doorlopend demonstraties en informatie rond het radioamateurisme; een bijzondere QSL-kaart. ON769MS zal ook tot 31 oktober door het clubstation van sectie TLS gebruikt worden.

XU7KOH - Koh Russei (Bamboo) Island
Submitted by: ON5EX
Koh Russei (Bamboo) Island

(April 2, 2009 - js)
From Friday April 3 0500 till Monday April 6 0100 UTC, XU7KOH will be aired from Koh Russei, Cambodia on CW, SSB, PSK31.

QSL: direct only via ON7PP (SAE+2 US $).

MM0RAI/P - Rockall Island
Submitted by: ON5EX
MM0RAI/p - Rockall Island
(March 30, 2009 - js) A Belgian group of die-hard amateur radio operators along with ON4HIL, ON4ATW, ON6CC, ON4IA, ON5TN, ON7YT, ON6ZU, ON4AHF, ON5GS, ON6NL and ON4BR took up the challenge to land and to be active from Rockall island as MM0RAI/p (EU-189), in order to make thousands of radio contacts from the “most wanted” spot for ten thousands of hams. They are planning to start their activities on April 30th to May 3rd. Operations will be lead from 80 to 10m on CW and SSB only. QSL via the bureau or direct through ON4BR.

Media: cfr. Het Belang van Limburg 1 en 2.

Broadcasting stations to move from 40M band
Submitted by: ON5EX

(March 28, 2009 - js) From 29 March 2009, broadcasting stations will be moving away from the 7100-7200 kHz band as per WRC 2003 decisions to pave the way for extension of the 40-metre Amateur Radio band. The frequencies between 7100 to 7200 kHz were used by broadcast stations for decades.