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Old "Traffic News" messages

D2CQ - Angola
Submitted by: ON5EX
Paulo, D2PJB will be active as D2CQ November 9 until December 28 from Porto Amboim, 300 km from the capital Luanda-Angola. He is using an Icom 706 and a Windom antenna on SSB only from 80 to 10m.

QSL via CT1IUA to the buro.

NORWAY - New frequency allocations
Submitted by: ON5EX
As of November 6th 2009, the updated amateur radio licensing regulations in Norway went into force.

The main news are the following new allocations made available to all Norwegian radio amateurs (in addition to the 135,7 - 137,8 kHz and the 7,1 - 7,2 MHz bands):

LF 493 - 510 kHz on secondary basis, 100 W, A1A (CW) only
HF 5260 - 5410 kHz on secondary basis, all modes (6 kHz max bandwidth)
24740-24890 kHz on secondary basis, 1kW (6 kHz max bandwidth)
VHF 70,0625-70,0875 MHz on secondary basis, 100 W, max bandwidth 16 kHz
70,1375-70,1875 MHz on secondary basis, 100 W, max bandwidth 16 kHz
70,2625-70,3125 MHz on secondary basis, 100 W, max bandwidth 16 kHz
70,3625-70,3875 MHz on secondary basis, 100 W, max bandwidth 16 kHz
70,4125-70,4625 MHz on secondary basis, 100 W, max bandwidth 16 kHz

and some minor adjustments at SHF and EHF.
JU75BSI - Border Service Institute 75th anniversary
Submitted by: ON5EX
JU75BSI is the special event station for the 75 years anniversary of the Mongolian Border Service Institute, active from October 23 through November 20, 2009. JU75BIS will also participate in the WWDX phone contest.

QSL via JT1CD.
J45PO - Dodecanese islands
Submitted by: ON5EX
Martin ON4PO will be active from Dodecanese Islands 21-29 October 2009 as J45PO. He will be active in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest (24-25 October).

QSL via home call.

EI/ON4EI - Fethard, Ireland
Submitted by: ON5EX
Olivier EI/ON4EI will be again active from Ireland near FETHARD (IO62DL) on top of Benneshill (170 m ASL) from October 21st to 26th. He will enter the CQ WW SSB CONTEST as SOAB Low Power Non Assisted (October 24/25th). Reference frequency before CQ WW contest is 7.150 MHz +/- QRM to follow his SINGLE EXPEDITION! Equipment: 18m vertical top loaded monopole and inverted V for 160/80/40. Spiderbeam on 20/15/10. Rig is Elecraft K3 100 W.
TC1ELH - Marmara Ereglisi Lighthouse
Submitted by: ON5EX
TCSWAT will be QRV with the TC1ELH callsign during all next weekend (10-11 October 2009) from Marmara Ereglisi Lighthouse.

ON25BELGICA - 25th anniversary of the Belgica
Submitted by: ON5EX
Members of the UBA section TRA and BMARS association will be activating this special event callsign to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the oceanographic and research vessel Belgica. This callsign is valid until end December 2009.

Look up in real time where the BELGICA is operating by checking the AIS data (a kind of APRS, but for marine use) or by checking data from the ODAS (Ocean Data Acquisition System

QSL via bureau to ON7TR only.

SN100DP - s/v Dar Pomorza, Gdynia port
Submitted by: ON5EX
Special event station SN100DP will be activated from October 8th until 11th, 2009 on deck of s/v Dar Pomorza (aka "White Frigate"), currently preserved in Gdynia Port as museum ship. SN100DP plans to be active mainly on 80, 40 and 20m in SSB, CW, PSK and RTTY.

Click here for further details.

World Wide DXpedition Trophy 2009 Survey
Submitted by: ON5EX
The Strange Radio Team are running a survey to see which Dxpedition of the Year (June 1, 2008 to June 1, 2009) will be awarded the World Wide DXpedition Trophy. The survey, which can be found here, closes on January 31, 2010.

OD5F - Sixth Francophone Games
Submitted by: ON5EX
Lebanon will be hosting the Sixth Francophone Games, which will be held in Beirut from 27th of September to 6th of October 2009. The Radio Amateurs of Lebanon (RAL) will be sponsoring a special event Amateur Radio Station "OD5F" for the duration of the event. The Francophone games are held every 4 years, with the participation of 3.000+ athletes, youths and artists from 56 French speaking countries and 14 observer countries. It is a popular sports and art festival.

RAL will have a special QSL card for the event. QSL is via the buro.