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December is YOTA month
Submitted by: ON7TK
Winter is coming to the northern hemisphere, summer is starting in the southern part. Which means it’s time again for December YOTA month!

We encourage you all to take part using a callsign with YOTA in suffix. The idea is to show the amateur radio hobby to youth and to encourage youngsters to be active on the ham radio waves. Do you want to participate? Apply before December starts.

Registration link and more information

Lisa Leenders, PA2LS
Youth WG Chair IARU R1
IOTA - Kuro Island, Myako Island
Submitted by: ON7TK
Kuro Island (Yaeyama Islands)
23 Nov 2017 07:00z - 28 Nov 2017 07:00z
Operation subject to change in bad WX or other conditions.
Freq/Mode: 180(160)/80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6m CW_only (JA_1.912)/(DX_1.812qsx1844)/3.512/7.012/10.130/14.044/ 18.084/21.044/24.904/28.044/50.044
AS-024 JIA:47-141 GL:PL14XF also JAFF:0011 JCG:47005(B) Taketomi-cho,Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa JAPAN 4.
EMAIL ja7gax [at] jarl [dot] com

Miyako Island
23 Nov 2017 0:00z - 28 Nov 2017 00:00z
Operation conditions may vary in case of heavy rain or other conditions.
Freq/Mode: 160/80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10m SSB/CW/RTTY/JT65.
AS-079 JS6RRR Main (OP:Takeshi "TAKE" Funaki) JI3DST/6 Sub (OP:Takeshi "TAKE" Funaki)
EMAIL js6rrr [at] jarl [dot] com ji3dst [at] jarl [dot] com

ON1418POP - Herdenking W.O. 1
Submitted by: ON4GS
Our UBA chapter HRT (ON4HRT) will activate a Special Event Station during the month of November 2017.

During the entire month of November we will activate the special call sign ON1418POP from our club station located in Olen, Belgium which is an old military camp (Teunenberg) in order to commemorate the first world war. We will be active from time to time on 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m in various modes including SSB, CW and digital modes (including FT8).
QSL information is available through qrz.com or our website. The final log will also be made available through eQSL, LoTW and Club Log. Finally, a real-time QSO lookup functionality will be available through our club website.

SI9AM - Ragunda, Sweden
Submitted by: ON7YD
From October 24 till October 31 2017, DD2CW Jef and ON3UN Dirk will be active again as SI9AM, including entry into the CQWW contest. In between they will try to activate some WWFF locations.

EI8GQB & EI1A - Ireland
Submitted by: ON4EI

Olivier ON4EI, is back again to Ireland from October 21st to November 1st 2017 in order to operate EI8GQB and EI1A during the CQ WW DX SSB (October 28-29th) from a caravan using mainly green energy.

Olivier scored, with EI1A, top Europe score in Low Power/Single Op SSB category using mainly green energy with his temporary 'Field Day like' antenna park setup. This year, Olivier, celebrates its 10th continuous participation to the CQ WDX SSB contest with the following conditions:

- 16.5m Vertical + 24m Horizontal Inverted L antenna for 160 & 80m bands + 32 radials.
- Inverted V dipole for 160-80m-40m bands.
- 3 elements wire beam East-West two-direction inverted V for 40m band.
- 200m long beverage RX antenna East-West directional.
- Spiderbeam & Mosley TA33Jr / MP33n antennas for 40/20/15/10m bands.
- Transceivers: 2 x Elecraft K3 100W + P3 -SO2R: 4O3A 6*2 switch + OM6BPF band pass filter.
- 500Ah battery bank + 180W solar panel and 400W wind generator.

You can follow this one-man expedition on www.qrz.com/db/EI8GQB or meet him on the air.

QSL only via LOTW or via his QSL MANAGER: PA3249 (direct or bureau). See also https://youtu.be/_GkXFV-e7EM.

See you on the air & 73 from ON4EI/EI8GQB/EI1A.
Enigma Reloaded 2017
Submitted by: ON4CAS
We are pleased to announce an international event which will hopefully be of interest to all Ham Radio operators : “ENIGMA RELOADED" 2017 Fourth Edition from September, 22th to September, 30th.

The main goal of the Enigma Event is to promote as much radioamateur’s activity as possible all over the world, celebrating the history of the Enigma cipher machine and its crucial role in the outcome of World War II, and spreading the knowledge of those key people who contributed to its decryption.

The Enigma Event 2017 will take place in two steps :
- From 22th to 29th September 2017, Italian and foreign Amateur radio stations registered as "Activator stations” will ensure the activation of their radio stations in order to allow to the participants getting their scores for the "Enigma Award" Contest.
- On September 30th, the final event’s day, the Activator Stations will exchange predefined CW messages previously encyphred by a real or emulated Enigma machine.

All details and rules are available on the official website.

Best regards and 73's de Cristiano Cornini , IW4CLV, A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club President
LX/OO9O - Reisdorf
Submitted by: ON9TT
Next LX/OO9O operation planned from August 24 until August 28, 2017. Holiday style operation during  morning and evening hours. Participation in the YO DX Contest On Saturday, Single Operator Single Band 80m.

QTH Located in Reisdorf on the banks of the river Sauer at the Luxembourg German border, JN39DU. Station setup: FT450D - 40 meter end fed up abt 5,5 meter.

All QSO's will be uploaded to eQSL  & OQRS. When requesting a QSL card either via bureau or direct, pse send us one also then.

For more details, go to my website.

5T0JL Silent Key
Submitted by: ON4CAS
It is with great sorrow that his son, Jean-Louis, and his family, announce the last journey of Jean Lewuillon, 5T0JL (ex ON8RA). Born in Quievrain, Belgium, on October 3rd 1928, his journey around the world and through the radio waves has ended on this Tuesday, August 8, 2017.

Our dear Jean now rests at the Funeral home Mahy, rue Verwée, 19, Schaerbeek (Belgique). For those wishing to pay a last tribute to say "farewell", a memorial will take place this Friday 11th of August 2017 at 11am at the funeral home.

BAFARA Activity Weekend
Submitted by: ON7TK
There will be a special BAFARA activity weekend on 21 - 23 July 2017, promoting the Belgian Air Force Amateur Radio Association to the amateur radio community. Listen out for stations calling CQ BAF.

Further info to be found on the BAFARA web site.

OJ0V - Märket Reef
Submitted by: ON8VP
Preparations have been taken recently and already 2 hams (ON6QO and ON2KMJ) decided to join me to Märket Reef from 01/07 till 07/07 this summer! Still 1 or 2 hams can be added to finalise the new crew.

This will be my 3rd activation of Märket Reef EU-053. There will be no targets as also this Dxpedition must remain a stressless trip among friends . All bands from 6 to 80m will be activated if conditions permit. Modes SSB-CW( Digital modes depending of the additional participating hams).

Set up consists of 2 stations:
Station 1
Kenwood TS480HX
SPE 1 KA amplifier
Force 12 5 bander 5 element
MFJ Memory keyer 495
ZN magnetic paddle

Station 2

Kenwood TS480HX
SPE 1.3 KA amplifier
Ultrabeam Vertical 6-40 m
MFJ Memory keyer 495
9A5N electronic paddle