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ON4CRD/P Château Ferme de Wartet (Marche les Dames)
Submitted by: ON7SS
Dimanche 13/09, à l'initiative de notre CM Raymond ON4DG, les membres de la section du CRD de l’UBA seront en activité extérieure depuis le château ferme de Wartet (province de Namur). Ce château porte la référence WCA ON-ØØ841. Activités en CW & SSB sur les bandes des 20, 30, 40 et 80m. Carte QSL spéciale via Bureau.  Il n'est pas nécessaire de nous envoyer votre propre carte QSL ! 


OT75VED - Victory Europe Day
Submitted by: ON4BEN
Les membres de la section CRD (Club Radio Durnal) de l’UBA et ses fervents sympathisants seront sur l’air pour commémorer le 75ième anniversaire de la fin de la seconde guerre mondiale mais pas seulement …
Nos pensées vont aussi bien à tous les membres des corps d'armée qui nous ont libérés mais tout aussi aux hommes de l'ombre, ceux de la résistance active et passive et à tous les civils et aux déportés massacrés par les Nazis et qui ont donné leur vie pour notre liberté. Nous voulons tout aussi avoir une pensée aux soldats du camp adverse de l'époque qui eux aussi ont payé un lourd tribu à cette guerre. Cette activité se clôturera le 07/06 prochain. Nous serons actifs sur toutes les bandes HF en CW, SSB et modes digitaux.
Un diplôme vous est proposé gratuitement. Retrouvez toutes les informations pour obtenir ce diplôme en cliquant ici

Submitted by: ON4CAS
In the world-wide amateur radio community, social distancing is not an issue. The ham radio network operates by radio waves with signals flying high and wide, across all borders near and far. Amateur radio operators are well-known as communicators during the happy days, but also during times of crisis.  Even if physically locked down, the world is wide open for them. They are encouraged to communicate, keeping their channels clear and their minds and skills sharp for global messaging if needed. While they now extend the physical distance between friends, at the same time they grow closer in their social distance – their minds and hearts.

The Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL) with the support of the Finnish Communication Agency (TRAFICOM) are working together to increase awareness and promote the normal orders of each society during this unfortunate period. To do so, the three-million strong amateur radio community is encouraged to stay in touch and keep up their global network.

With that charter and mission in mind the SRAL invites all amateurs to join forces. Keep up the radio activity and the global social network!
TIME PERIOD from Thursday, April 08,2020 16.00 UTC thru July 08,2020, 2359 UTC 
Contacts are encouraged to STAYHOME stations as well as to all friends around the world, but also for the purpose of the below-mentioned GMA (DXCC) Award:
While contacts are permitted on all amateur radio bands (CW, SSB and FT8/4) the core activity is targeted to the windows of 14250–14270 and 14050-14060 KHz and 3740-3760 and 3530-3540 KHz. The SRAL stations are typically active on that window from 12 UTC and 16 UTC onwards respectively.
Temporary QSH (Stay Happy & Healthy) which may change during the period.
SRAL is launching ten (10) different stations from OH0 thru OH9 who sign with STAYHOME suffixes, such as OH5STAYHOME. The other stations from other countries signing STAYHOME are qualified to this program. Such stations include 9KSTAYHOME or VESTAYHOME with the RAST (Thailand) E2STAYHOME station expected to join the network soon.
This award honors contacts to 100 or more different countries (DXCC), during this time period, which should include at least five (5) messenger (STAY HOME) stations.
There will also be an award for contacting a minimum of five (5) OH*STAYHOME -prefixes with a maximum number of other stations in other countries signing the STAYHOME -suffix. In Finland all numbers/regions 0 thru 9 will be activated. The highest number contacted, and all with up to three (3) less than the achieved maximum will be awarded.
SRAL launches ten (10) different stations from OH0 thru OH9 who sign with STAYHOME suffixes, such as OH5 STAYHOME. The other stations from other countries signing STAYHOME are qualified to this program. Such as 9KSTAYHOME or VESTAYHOME etc.
Some special activities for specific durations within this overall time period will be announced separately through international amateur radio press.

QSL manager: Miika, OH2BAD - Awards: Martti, OH2BH (details TBA) 
Supporting network: OH1NX, OH2BAD, OH2BH, OH2KI, OH2KM, OH4UI

ON4CRD/p - Activation château de Loyers
Submitted by: ON4BEN
Dimanche 08/03 prochain, les membres de la section CRD (Club Radio Durnal) activeront le château ferme de Loyers (Namur) avec l’indicatif ON4CRD/p à partir de 09h30 sur le 40 & 80m, en SSB et en CW. Les références BCA sont : NM-066 et WCA : ON-0832. L’adresse de l’activité : Rue de Bossimé. Position GPS : 50°27’ 50’’ N  & 4°56’ 56’’E. QSL spéciale via Bureau. 

Submitted by: ON4CAS
E44cHerman - ON4QX et Eric - ON7RN participeront à la prochaine expédition organisée par F6KOP. La destination est la Palestine. Le call utilisé sera : E44CC.
Nous serons actifs du 5 février au 17 février 2020 sur toutes les bandes (CW, SSB, RTTY et FT8). Pour plus d'informations, visitez le site de l'expédition.
A vous entendre nombreux.

Talrijke special event stations n.a.v.10 jaar CW-OPs
Submitted by: ON4CAS
Naar aanleiding van de tiende verjaardag van de CW-OPs club zullen tijdens de maand januari '20 talrijke special event stations actief zijn: DQ10CWO DR10CWO EG4CWO EM10CWO G2CWO GI2CWO GM2CWO GW2CWO IR9CWO LZ10CWO OL10CWO PG10CWO SD10CWO SF10CWO SM10CWO SN10CWO TM10CWO TM5CWO TM6CWO TO10CWO K1K K3CWO K3M K4CWT K4T K5A K5M K5N K8G K8O KE2CWO KE6CWO KK1CWO KN5CWO KN8CWO KT5CWO KX4CWO N0CWO N1C N5A N5T N5W N8W VA1CWO VC3CWO W0C W0CWO W1C W1CWT W4A W4C W4O W4Y W6CWO W7C W7CWO W7F W9CWO W9O WY7CWO.

Meer informatie over deze telegrafie vereniging vind je hier. Een herdenkingsaward is eveneens voorzien. Hier vind je meer info.

Submitted by: ON4CAS

Leden van de sectie NOK zullen tussen 23 maart en 3 april '20 onder het roepteken TU2R actief zijn vanuit Ivoorkust.


Alle info over hun DXpeditie vind je op deze website.


News Flash !!!

9 days before departure, the TU2R team has decided to postpone our DX EXP to Ivory Coast to a later date in 2020.
Because of current Corona Virus, we took the decision in interest of health and safety, and also Brussels Airlines changed our flight plans...

We will keep you informed of our new plans !!!

Thank you for your understanding...

73 TU2R team


IOTA 2020 Listings
Submitted by: ON4CAS
IOTAIOTA enthusiasts, if you have been planning to submit an application for IOTA, consider doing it now before the late December / January rush. For those waiting for the very last QSL to secure their highest possible position on the 2020 Honour Roll and Annual Listing, you are reminded that the last date for mailing score updates to checkpoints for inclusion is 31 January 2020. If postmarked after that date, and each year we receive some, they are processed in the normal way but the scores are held over to the following year's listing. In countries where the postal service to the checkpoint is often subject to delay, it is best to mail cards early so as to avoid complications.

It is important that participants who have not updated since the 2015 annual listings and wish to remain listed should make a submission before 31 January 2020. Repeated for clarification: if the last Honour Roll or Annual Listing you entered was the 2015 or an earlier one, you will need to update to be listed in the 2020 one. Furthermore, if you have not logged into your record for more than two years, you will need to revalidate your registration through info [at] iota-world [dot] org. Do not leave it to the last moment as you may run out of time.

AM Amateur Radio Europe
Submitted by: ON4CAS
AM Amateur Radio Europe is a growing Facebook community of European radio amateurs.
The aim of the group is to create a place to discuss the use of the Amplitude Modulation voice mode on HF and VHF. To promote the use of AM on homebrew or commercial equipment, as a place to arrange skeds, organise nets and share circuits. Plus any other ideas on how to promote the use of this fantastic mode.

The group can be found at this link below and any amateur or short wave listener is most welcome to join.
If the link is not working, simply type ‘AM Amateur Radio Europe’ into the Facebook search bar and you should find us.

Announcing our very first operating event:

When? Saturday 25th January 2020 - 06:00 UTC until Sunday 26th January - 12:00 UTC.

To promote / encourage the use of AM on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 12 and 10 metre amateur bands. This is not a 5/9 contest and aim to encourage QSOs and conversation, however points can be gained and certificates awarded.

There will be points to be gained for each QSO and for each new DXCC worked and there are power categories you can enter to suit all levels of the UK licence. However whilst there are points up for grabs and also certificates to win, the main aim is to get people having conversations using the original voice mode!

So fire up those vintage rigs, build that homebrew transmitter or even use your modern equipment and experience the joy of operating AM.

Full details of the AM QSO Party can be found at this website

Submitted by: ON4CAS
Stand BXE
La section BXE activera l’indicatif OR75NUTS à l’occasion des 75 ans de la libération de Bastogne du vendredi 13 décembre 2019 au dimanche 15 décembre 2019
Actif en décamétrique, VHF, QO-100. Adresse : Bastogne Barracks, Rue de La-Roche 40, B-6600 Bastogne