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Avoid DX-cluster polution

The DX Cluster is a nice instrument when it's used in a correct way.

Please abide by the following rules:
  • Only send a DX-spot when it useful to somebody else. Don’t spot the stations who are calling you on your own frequency.
  • Announce only DX stations, special stations or stations with a special prefix.
  • Never spot your own call sign! Call CQ instead.
  • Spotting "ON"s from Belgium is not DX!
  • Before sending a spot, verify that no other station did this before some minutes ago.
  • Don’t send an announcement to show to your colleagues that you worked the DX station!
  • Don’t thank the DX station by sending an unnecessary spot!
  • Don’t use the command "ann" or "dxspot" to ask for QSL information! There are other tools on the Internet and on the DX Clusters to search for QSL information.
  • Don’t use the command "ann" to make war!
  • Don’t use the commands "dx" and "announce" to chat with others!
  • If you’re using a clusterconcentrator program, connect to maximum three DX Clusters at once.

Good DX, 73 - Roland ON6HH - sysop ON0DXK Cluster at Kortrijk.

For more info about DX Clusters see here.