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Oude "Traffic News"-berichten

ON4CRD/P - Château de Franc-Waret
Ingediend door: ON4DG
(te vertalen) Après une petite interruption de nos activités châteaux, et bien rassurez-vous, nous reprenons nos bonnes habitudes ce dimanche 25-06.

Nous mettrons a l'honneur le château de Franc-Waret situé sur la commune de Fernelmont NM-010 ON-00297. Position GPS: 50° 31' 08''N 4° 58' 30'' E.

OT65MLB - Activering ONFF-644
Ingediend door: ON7UZ
Hierbij bevestig ik de activatie voor ONFF-644 “"DE MATEN”” door de UBA-sectie MLB  op zondag 18/6/2017, call OT65MLB.

We gaan van start met de opstelling vanaf 7 uur ’s ochtends en zullen QRV zijn op alle HF banden, evenals op 6 meter.

DL/ON4IPA, DL/OO6P - EU-128 Fehmarn Island
Ingediend door: ON6OM
Dit jaar gaan we opnieuw met 4 OM's (ON6ZV,ON6OM,ON7EG en ON4MW) op mini-expeditie, van 17-23 juni 2017. Het doel is EU-128, Fehmarn eiland. Er zullen 2 stations actief zijn in fonie en digimode.

Alle info vind je op http://www.qsl.net/on6om/EU-128/.

F/ON8IM - Grottes de Lascaux
Ingediend door: ON8IM
(te vertalen) Je serai QRV en phonie à partir des grottes de Lascaux les journées de samedi et dimanche 17/6 et 18/6 sur 40m légèrement en-dessous de 7,100 MHz et 80m aux alentours de 3,600 MHz.

Une carte QSL spéciale sera imprimée à cet effet.
73 Ivan ON8IM

Ingediend door: ON7TK
Operators from four different countries(F, DL, PA and LX) will activate the callsign LX8SAR from Weicherdange (WW Loc. JO20XA) in northern Luxembourg during the "SAARLORLUX - Friendship Meeting 2017" between June 16-18.
ON650PEER - 650 years city of Peer
Ingediend door: ON4AST
ON650PEER will be on the air in several modes on HF bands from 5 June 2017 until 5 July 2017.

Members of UBA-NOL activate this station to celebrate “650 YEARS CITY of PEER” QSL via ON4AST.

We look forward working you on the bands. Please see qrz.com for further information.

EH5SUB - Sous-marin Delfin S-61
Ingediend door: ON5JV
(te vertalen) C’est dans le cadre des musées flottants que le Radio Club de Torrevieja « CQ Torrevieja » activera à partir du 3 juin à 9 heures jusqu’au dimanche 4 juin à 14 heures le sous-marin Delfin S-61 depuis le parc des musées flottants à Torrevieja.

L’indicatif sera EH5SUB et une QSL spéciale sera émise pour cette occasion. QSL via EA5GVJ.
IQ4FE - Elettra
Ingediend door: ON7TK
A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club (A.R.I. Italian Amateur Radio Association, IARU affiliated), organizes the fifth edition of a techincal – cultural event, hold at the seat of the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation (Villa Griffone, Marconi's birthplace – Pontecchio Marconi , Bologna – Italy , ) on Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th, 2017. Aim of this event is to highlight at an international level the historical value and meaning of the Yacht “Elettra”, the moving laboratory of the great Italian scientist, onboard of which a number of very important experiments on the radiocommunications were conducted.

Over the whole weekend, the radioamateurs of the A.R.I. Fidenza group will operate a radio station located close to the relict keel of the yacht “Elettra”, kept at the Museum, and will ideally give new life to its “voice", allowing the radioamateurs overall in the world to get in contact with it. The radio contacts will be operated using the A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club callsign IQ4FE .

Full details via www.arifidenza.it  and www.fgm.it.

A special QSL card will be sent to any contacted Radioamateur Station.
F/ON6JUN/P - D-Day
Ingediend door: ON7TK
F/ON6JUN/P is QRV 2 tot en met 7 juni vanuit Normandië (Ranville, Pegasusbrug) ter herdenking van D-DAY op 6 juni.

OR95RCBE - Radio Club Belge de l'Est 95th anniversary
Ingediend door: ON7KC
OR95RCBE will be on the air in all modes and on all HF/VHF/UHF bands from 1st of June 2017 until the 30st of June 2017.

This Special Event Station commemorates the 95th Anniversary of the creation of the first Belgian radioclub in June 1922. Crew consists of members of UBA GDV Radio Club of Verviers, club call ON4GDV. On Saturday, June 10th, 2017 our HF station will be active from 0730 UTC till 1500 UTC in fieldday mode from Place Verte (Green Square) in the center of Verviers. This special event call will be activated in connection with various others events in the city.

QSL cards will be printed during summer holidays and sent via the UBA QSL bureau. Electronic QSL via eQSL, ClubLog & QRZ.com.

We look forward working you on the bands, please see qrz.com for further information.