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Old "Traffic News" messages

ON5VL/P - Château de La Neuville
Submitted by: ON5EX
La section LGE activera le château de La Neuville dimanche 26 juillet de 8h00 à 12h00 locale.

Le chateau est situé sur la N90 avant d'arriver au rond point de la centrale de Tihange sur la commune de Neuville-sous-Huy.

IMØM – Asinara island
Submitted by: ON5EX
A team of 15 operators will be active from Asinara Island (EU-165) from 22 to 26 July, including IOTA contest. The call will be IMØM, team leader and QSL manager will be Joe, IS0MKX.

QSL via the bureau.
C21TI – Nauru
Submitted by: ON5EX
A team of operators under EA4ATI will be active as C21TI from Nauru, 17th to 23rd August 2009. Operations are scheduled on SSB and CW from 160 to 10m + 6m.

5V7PRF - Togo
Submitted by: ON5EX
Franco, I1FQH will be active as 5V7PRF from Kpalime, Togo between 22nd and 31st July, 2009. He will be active with 100 watts, mostly on CW, on 10 to 80m, using a Spiderbeam for 15, 17 and 20 and a vertical for other bands. He will try to update his daily log on Logsearch.de. QSL direct or via the bureau.

PA/OT7X - Schouwen-Duiveland
Submitted by: ON5EX
Members of the UBA-section WRC will be active as PA/OT7X/P from Schouwen-Duiveland in the IOTA Contest (July 25-26).

QSL via ON4ON, direct or via the bureau.

J79ZG - Dominica
Submitted by: ON5EX
Babs, DL7AFS and Lot, DJ7ZG will be QRV as J79ZG from Dominica island (NA-101) from September 27th till October 15th, 2009. They will be active from 80 to 6m mainly in RTTY, PSK, SSB, CW (6m). QSL via DL7AFS to the bureau.

ON5VL/P – Citadelle de Huy
Submitted by: ON5EX
Les membres de la section UBA de Liège (LGE) seront actifs ce dimanche 28 juin de 11h00' à 16h00' depuis la citadelle de Huy, référence BCA (Belgian Castle Award) LG-071.

Activités en HF et en 2m. QSL via le bureau.
PA123OLS - Oud Limburgs Schuttersfeest
Submitted by: ON5EX
PA123OLS will be aired from June 29th to July 12th, celebrating the 123rd "Oud Limburgs Schuttersfeest", a historical shooting match between 160 civil shooting clubs from the Dutch and Belgium provinces Limburg as well as a popular social event. Activity in CW, phone, RTTY and PSK on all bands.

QSL via PE1NCP direct or bureau.

EI/ON4EI - Summer activities
Submitted by: ON5EX
Olivier EI/ON4EI, will be active from Ireland near Clonmel (IO62EK) between July 8 to July 30. He will enter the IARU HF World Championship as Single Operator SSB Low Power All Band (July 11-12) and the IOTA contest (July 26-27). 50 MHz activity is also planned around 50,200 MHz. Reference frequency around contest dates is 7,130 MHz +/- QRM. Equipment: vertical 18 m monopole inverted V and beverage on 160/80/40, spiderbeam on 20/15/10. Elecraft K3 100 W.

F/OT3T - Île Grande, Chausey islands
Submitted by: ON5EX
F/OT3T will be active from Île Grande, Chausey Islands for the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th).

QSL via ON7EQ, direct or by the bureau.