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UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest

1. Date

9 january 2016, 12:00 UTC until 10 january 2016, 12:00 UTC.
(every year the 2nd weekend of january)

2. Participants

Participation is open to all radio amateurs world wide in possession of a valid licence and to all SWL's.

3. Mode

BPSK63 only

4. Bands

10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meter, in the segments recommended by the IARU for this mode.

5. Power

Maximum power  output 50 W (5 W for QRP), in order not to cause interference or splatter to other participants.

6. Categories

  • Single Operator All Band - SOAB
  • Single Operator Single Band (SO10, etc.)
  • Single Operator All Band QRP - SOQRPAB
  • Single Operator Single Band QRP (SOQRP10, etc.)
  • Multi Operator, only All Band - MO (max output 50W)
  • SWL all bands.(see point 17)


  • The use of DX clusters is permitted in all categories.  Self spotting, asking others to spot you, undercover spots or any spots from multi operator team members are not allowed.
  • In the Single Operator categories, only one transmitted signal on the air is permitted at any time.
  • In the Single Operator categories , QSO´s may be made on other bands but the operator can only opt for an award on one band.  Make sure that you marked the correct category in your log.  Do not remove the QSO's on other bands.
  • In the Multi operator categories, only one transmitted signal per band at any one time is permitted. All transmitters, receivers, and antennas must be within a radius of 500m.
  • Only one callsign is allowed to be used for the duration of the contest.

8. General call


9. Valid Contacts

Stations may be contacted anywhere in the world. Each station can be contacted only once per band.

10. Exchange

RSQ followed by a serial number starting with 1001.
You need to use a 4 character QSO number.  This forces every station to send always the same lenght as repport.  If not complying to this rule, your log will be treated as a checklog.

11. Points

Every QSOs one (1) point.

12. Multiplier

Every prefix according to the WPX rules once on each band.

13. Final score

The sum of the points obtained, multiplied by the sum of all the multipliers obtained on all bands.

14. Logs

  • All logs must be submitted electronically in CABRILLO format.  Paper logs, logs in Word, excel or pdf  are not accepted.
  • Send your log by email as an attachment to ubapsk63 [at] uba [dot] be. Do not compress your file.
  • Mention your callsign in the subjectline of your email.
  • The logfile should be called XXXXX.log (where XXXXX is the callsign you used)
  • Logs must be received within 1 week after the contest. Deadline is januari 17, 23:59 UTC.  Logs received after that date will be used as checklog.
  • If you have any questions or problems regarding this contest, please contact the contest manager contest [at] uba [dot] be
  • The confirmation that your log has been received does not mean that it is valid, it merely confirms that it has been received.  If we are having problems with your log we will contact you.
  • Received logs will be published on the UBA website.  A link will be provided in your confirmation email.  This is a manual process, so please be patient and do not send your log again unless you made corrections in your log.  The last log received will be accepted.

N1MM (there is a UDC file)
MixW  (DLL files)

15. Log correction issues

  • For a QSO to be valid the callsign must appear in at least 2 other logs if no log from that station is received.
  • Not in log QSO's will be removed from the log.
  • Busted or bad calls will be removed from the log.
  • QSO's with and error in the received QSO number will be removed from the log.

16. Prizes

Digital certificates for the winner in every category and for the winner in each DXCC country.  Additional certificates can be granted if the returns justifies it. (a significant number of participants from that country or a very small difference in score)  The certificates will reflect the participants place WW, in his continent and in his DXCC country.

17. SWL rules

SWL's have to report Date, UTC, band, Callsign of the station copied, QSO number sent by the station copied and the callsign of the station being worked.  A station will count only once for points on each band.  A station being worked may only be used 10 times on each band. SWL's can use the program SWL_DQR_log from SP7DQR.  http://sp7dqr.pl/en/contests.php

18. Declaration

By submitting your log in the UBA PSK 63 Prefix Contest you agree that:
  • you have read and understood the rules of the contest and agree to be bound by them,
  • you have operated according to all rules and regulations of your country that pertain to amateur radio,
  • all actions and decisions of the Contest Committee are official and final.